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  • Project Life Weeks # 24-28

    Have I told you how much I am enjoying all of this learning? My brain is hurting in such a good way. I’ve been in constant learn mode over the past month and my cheeks hurt from smiling. Work is good. Learning new things is good, even if you’re not great at it at first.

    So I have finished the last 5 weeks and am currently up to date for Project Life since the beginning of May. My current plan is to do the current week and work backwards as time allows. No pressure. It’s ok. Psss.. I’m telling myself this as much as you. I love this project.

    Here are the layouts from weeks #24-28. Enjoy.

    Week #24  (June 13th – June 19th)


    Love all the extras this week. Tag from a new backpack, hospital ID band, candy store card, AZ swimming sticker received in the mail, note from my boss, and a postcard from my daughter’s camp. All good stuff. All now recorded instead of cluttering a desk somewhere or worse, being lost.

    I had three pictures that showed a sequence of an event so I cut a page protector that had room for 6 vertical pictures in half and stitched down the center. Simple. Also just stamped the numbers directly onto the pictures. I believe these numbers are from a stamp set of Ali Edward’s that I got from Cocoa Daisy. The backside contained one more picture and a note sent to Rebecca by her camp counselor, whom she adored.

    This is an example of one of those flip protectors that I am becoming slightly addicted to. I was able to get all three pictures in that show Samantha’s puzzled looks when trying to put a hair tie in her Bubbie’s hair. I attached the flip protector directly onto the American Craft page protector. Love these protectors with 3 horizontal and 2 vertical slots, as I take quite a few vertical pictures.

    Here I included the Phoenix Business Journal article about the Yoogot launch- my husband’s new site. Next were 2 – 8.5 X 11 enlargements of pictures straight from my blog of my 1st cupcake. One of the items on my list is to make 52 different types of cupcakes in a year. It was really good. 

    Additional companies that I love to get some of my extras are Elle’s Studio, Ormolu Designs and Banana Fish Studio.  Continuing to love the magic of my Fuji Instax camera. It’s just something about that instant photo that warms my heart.

    Week #25  (June 20th – June 26th)

    I love that there are no rules for this project. I can use nice pictures from my Canon 40D or I can use pictures from my phone. Are they the best pictures? Yes, if that is my only choice. I’ll trade a picture with poor white balance and composition over no picture any day. Again, more sewing and life stuff included here including a ticket to Rebecca’s Volleyball Festival and pieces of menus from favorite spots. I kept with my own hand written journaling on these pages which I think is important to mix in with the computer journaling. My parents’ and grandparents’ handwritten notes are something I cherish and know my kids will one day as well.

    Week #26  (June 27th – July 3rd)

    I started running this week and Jeff, Samantha, and I went shopping for running shoes. You can read about that here. I actually used 2 of the flip protectors on this page. There is one on both bottom photos above (running store pictures and making a pennant banner for the 4th of July). Once again, I used handwritten journaling and a journal page torn out of a journal made by Marta.

    Confession time. I don’t have only one Fuji camera. You see my husband accidently bought me the wrong kind of film for my mini 7s. I really liked the look of the “mistake” film so I bought the other camera. I felt like I needed to do it. Don’t you agree? Is there a support group for Instax cameras or Instagram? I might need to join and buy a candle.

    I included the bulletin from the church service we went to with my parents and an enlargement of our 4th of July cupcakes. The blog post about cupcake #2/52 can be found here.

    I love, love my new printer from Canon. I got a little print happy. It won’t last, but my husband will tell you that I use all my photography equipment to the max! I get my money’s worth.

    Here’s another enlargement and a bag from an old fashioned candy store here in Phoenix that I adore. I bought pop rocks for our festive 4th of July feast. You can read about all the festivities here.

    I really love these simple page protectors. Just perfect. Love the simplicity of photos and words. I did more journaling cards from both Ali and Cathy but they were more letters to my family members and I chose to keep them private at this time. Thanks for your understanding.

    Cake balls, ladder ball, pop rocks. I just couldn’t leave anything out. And now I don’t have to. I can make it this as simple or as elaborate as I want. And it’s all good.

    Week #27  (July 4th – July 10th)

    This was a much slower paced week which was refreshing. Lots of swimming and water park time. I just love the water. I started on a path towards a health life with Project Health.

    I also included a letter from the U of A congratulating my husband on his internet launch. Very proud wife. Also included a map of the water park. And get this, not 1 but 2 family pictures. This will now be the new normal. I will embrace the camera. I will embrace the camera.

    Week #28  (July 11th – July 17th)

    For this I week, I included another flip protector (the picture straight above has 2 additional pics underneath).  I also pulled Rebecca into a photo booth with me at the Harry Potter finale and grabbed our pictures. Loved it. Our family trip to Tucson resulted in seeing tons of family, Emily’s first regional swim meet, and a belated 2nd birthday party for Samantha. Thus lots and lots of pictures.

    Jeff, Ben, and I were able to attend the Home Run Derby. We had such a great time and you can read about it here as it was something that has always been on my life list.  Then I used more page protectors cut down to size and stitched with a sewing machine. Note- when switching back to fabric, change your needle. It will be very dull.

    This time I added some labels to my Instax pictures and enlargement. They are on the outside of my page protectors so I can remove them easily. There is something that I like about them and then something I don’t. I’m glad I tried something different though. That’s how we grow- at least that is what I keep telling myself and my kiddos.

    I’m proud of myself of asking my husband or others to take my picture. After downloading over 10,000 pictures and being in less than 20 (yes 20), I was slightly convicted. And those 20 were not pretty.

    Aren’t you just loving the various sizes of page protectors out there in scrapbook/photography world? The options are endless. Samantha’s birthday party was simple since it was hosted in another town but we had her favorites around: Mickey Mouse cupcakes, buses (she screams when she sees one), m & m’s, and pop pops. I love her so.

    Sorry this last picture is poor but the lighting is bad even on my front porch because another Haboob is coming through. What is with Haboobs this summer? (I never thought I would type that word.)

    I would love to hear your input, suggestions, critiques, etc. I am hear to learn and love to share what I learn. Loving this project. My life is so good. 



    Bonnie Marie

    I love love this.. I love seeing all your photos of “life” the everyday stuff!! I can’t wait to see more.. I would love to do a project like this.. but all digital and put into a book binded…

    19 July 2011 at 6:35 pm Reply

      Absolutely and this is an option. There is a digital Project Life kit. I just wanted to include all the extra little bits but you could scan them in and still include them. I might use the digital version for next year or at least make monthly albums for the grandparents for holidays, etc.

      19 July 2011 at 6:39 pm Reply

    Fabulous write, I will be browsing back again frequently to watch out for fresh news.

    27 July 2011 at 9:05 am Reply

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