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  • Project Life – Week #30


    Week #30! If there are two things this project reminds me of, it would be that my life is abundantly full and that time flies by. You know that old saying, “Don’t blink or life will pass you by.” Well it’s true. But it makes me even more aware of how important keeping track of the exciting and ordinary is. The little details, you will forget. Project Life will help with that.



    On the first page, I included another Marta Writes journal page (love those), a sticker from another pair of Toms that I bought for an upcoming trip, picture of cupcake #5 of my challenge, and pics of my kids sleeping and then sitting on a bench and at the outdoor mall. Love the variety.



    I have 3 inserts in between the two Project Life page protectors. The first is simply a card entitled Live Large. I wrote out the things off my life list that I am going to try and tackle in the next 9 months. Some of those include taking more quilting classes, running a bunch of races, and getting my scuba certification. Stay tuned for more.



    The second insert is a 9 pocket page protector (baseball card sized protectors). I challenged myself to collect every piece of paper, sticker, etc from one week. With back to school shopping, appointments, and clothes shopping for my upcoming trip with Jeff, it was impressive how much stuff I collected. I stitched above each row to secure the items. Again, love my sewing machine- such a simple addition.



    The other side of the insert includes more tags, cards, and stuff from the week. Love the variety of sizes, colors, and texture. This is wonderful for a visual and kinesthetic learner.



    The last insert includes pieces of a typography board game with the initials of my family members. The top row is J & J for Jeff and Jenny. Then I have all the kids’ and dogs’ initials. Fell in love with them as soon as I saw them.



    On the backside I decided to attach square pictures (sized 2 x 2) into each board piece. The surface was a little too sleek for me to write a note which I like to do each week. But I loved how each turned out and how the dogs were included this week. Love my rushed, tilted sewing? In a little bit of hurry to get to the airport, but that’s ok. Unless I had told you, you probably wouldn’t have noticed. At least that is what I’m telling myself. 




    This is the second page of the Project Life week at a glance. Movie tickets, another I Love You Card from Little Box of I Love You Postcards, photo booth pictures of Jeff and I, and a tag from a Sesame Street shirt I bought my toddler. And really good pictures that reflected our week.

    The cardstock stickers are from the Social Club line of Cosmo Cricket. You can buy them here. I wish they would come up with entire sheets of them as I’m hooked.



    The typography board game pieces came from Bob’s Your Uncle Alphabet Memory Game. You can buy them here. Absolutely a yummy site- especially if you love initials and typography like I do.

    Well that’s week #30. Still completely enamored with this project. Love how it makes me feel incredibly blessed. After vacation, I’m am going to work backwards a bit as well to catch up for 2011. But it will be slow and easy does it.

    If you have any suggestions or additional sources of information, leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!



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