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  • Project Life in Pictures- Weeks #19-23

    For those who are new to this blog, I am working on experiencing life to the fullest by doing items on my life list after a battle with cancer. It is important to me that I not only live and learn, but also record this journey. I have chosen Project Life as one method to document my journey. In my previous post, I made a video if you are completely new to Project Life or scrapbooking/paper arts, etc. Please go here to watch the video.

    Here are some of the highlights of the first 5 weeks of Project Life I have done (weeks 19-23). I will do more photos in the weeks to come but wanted to share these. This project has been a source of sleepless nights this past week because I love, love, love it. The kids have looked more at this album than they have all my other scrapbooks combined (and I have plenty).

    Here goes…

    Week #19  (May 9th – May 15th)



    My goal is to live, learn, and record so I am trying to learn a little something new each week. In this post, I adhered flip pockets to include more pictures of a mother-daughter date. I also included snippets from life- art work, restaurant gift card, and my Fuji Instax pictures (look like credit card sized Polaroids). I tried my hand for the first time at a digital element. I made a journaling block from Ali Edwards, bought her digital element from Designers Digital, and downloaded a free 30 day trial of Photoshop Elements 8. It was painless. Why I have waited all this time is beyond me. Highly recommend.

    Week #20  (May 16th – May 22nd)

    For this week, I tried one of the smaller sized journaling cards from Ali. Again, you can actually have PSE open and work right along side the video like I did. I would just pause the video, try the next step, and back and forth. Simple yet such a nice addition. Also this week, I printed off a picture from the internet of a movie I went to see and stapled a movie ticket right on top. I also included my children’s report cards and stitched a zig zag line on the side after cutting a page protector and used a 7 gypsies paper clip on top. I wanted my kids to be able to get inside and look if they wanted, so thus the paper clip was the solution.

    Week #21  (May 23rd- May 29th)

    For this week, my special touch was to rip a page right out of one of my Marta Writes journals and include it directly into my Project Life. I heart them. It was amazing how what I documented only 7 weeks ago was forgotten until I read my little page and the memories came flooding back. A gentle reminder to write those little (but big) things down. You will forget.

    Week #22  (May 30th – June 5th)

    For Week 22, I tried my hand at 2 different digital elements. This time from Ali and another fabulous designer/scrapbook guru, Cathy Zielske. Both Ali and Cathy have simple video tutorials that anyone can learn from. Seriously, no fibbing, no lying. Simple I tell you. The journaling titled The Honest Truth in the second picture is from Cathy printed onto cardstock (big word for thick white paper) and the Celebrate is from Ali and printed onto glossy photo paper. I downloaded both elements from Designer Digitals.

    Week #23  (June 6th – June 12th)

    This was a busy week. There wasn’t anything normal about it. Summer camps, funerals, blog class in Los Angeles (gift from the hubby), and my husband and his best friend launched Yoogot (a socially conscious market place in its beta phase). So needless to say, there were tons of inserts. I’m not even showing you half of it. It was nuts. Exciting good, but way too fast paced for me. I took tons of Fuji Instax pictures so I put them into a baseball card page protector and stitched them in. Tried not stitching them- utter fail. Used additional page protectors from American Crafts. I included my hotel room key, tags from clothing, my husband’s business card, and another journal card from Cathy Zielske (heart this one).

    This format (Project Life + inserts) has allowed me to not only record my family and my life list but also remind me of how grateful and immeasurably blessed that I am. Very thankful. Life is good.



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