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  • Project Life 2012 – Week #6

    Project Life. Continue to love this project, but the last 2 weeks I’ve waited to do it all at once, and I am not a fan of the “all at once” process.

    It feels rushed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled with it now, and just spent 5 minutes looking through it with Samantha. But I am really wanting to enjoy it more, than just trying to get something checked off my to do list. I want to soak it in a bit more.

    So tomorrow after Sam’s surgery, I plan on working on this week’s pages. I’m really looking forward to spending smaller bursts of time on the project during the week. I’ll give you an update next week.



    When I look back at this past week, I’m beyond grateful. This past week has been exciting, scary, and humbling. I’ve received many emails from people writing their lists, needing advice on how to overcome fears, and women who have lost their identity in their journey as wives and moms. And I’ve been doing A LOT of writing. I never imagined this and am just grateful today.

    For those who didn’t see my video, I sent a video to Ellen. You can see that here. And no I haven’t heard, but I just know I will. I believe. :)

    Loving that I started working with a hot air balloon crew in hopes that I will take my first flight within the next 4-6 weeks.



    Continue to love adding fabric and stitching in my albums. Just gives it a homemade feel that I love.



    Love that smile, those yellow boots on the wrong feet, and that note from Emily. Awesome.



    Loving printing off my instagram photos sized 2 x 2 and then using my square punch (that is slightly larger) and creating a small white border around the pictures.



    My additional inserts this week include a copy of the video that I sent to Ellen, 2 pages from my Smash Journal (back to back) with journaling about the excitement of the past week, and a letter to my children (ran out of light).



    Want to see more? I have added a Project Life inspiration page that will hold all of my Project Life Posts. You can go here or in future click the “Project Life” in the top navigation bar or on the right navigation bar to see my posts for Weeks 1 through 5 as well as for some posts from 2011.

    And if you are feeling overwhelmed with Project Life (or feeling like you want something more simple) and you are already getting behind, read my posts on Lessons Learned with Project Life here . I have been amazed how that post spoke to people.

    Project Life is a simple scrapbooking solution to preserving your memories and documenting your stories. It was designed by Becky Higgins and you can find more information here.

    I’m linking up today with Jessica at The Mom Creative. Come check out the amazing inspiration here.

    Feel free to leave your links to your project life posts below. I love to see everyone enjoying life.

    If you are new to this site, welcome! If you like what you see, I would love for you follow along on this crazy adventure of mine by subscribing to my blog above and joining me on facebook, twitter, and pinterest. I’m working hard to complete my life list of 1300+ items after surviving a battle with cancer.




    I can totally relate to that rush, rush, rush to get it done just to say it’s done. But I’m learning the nice thing about it is, yes it’s done, but there’s always next week to do it a little better. :)

    With that said, it looks fantastic Jenny! Best wishes to you and Sam on her surgery tomorrow. Hugs!

    14 February 2012 at 7:38 pm Reply

      Thanks Nicole and you are so right… there is always next week, or the next week…
      Still I love this project and the simplicity behind it and I know that I would not have done any other scrapbooking with how busy I was this week. Now, I’m not behind. I’m actually caught up.

      14 February 2012 at 8:17 pm Reply

    Looks great Jenny! My faves? Well, I thought you’d never ask…

    -love the photo of the Izze soda
    -love the pic of Sam in her yellow boots…can’t wait to see her this weekend!
    -love the note from Emily (it is SO her!)
    -love the picture of you playing the piano…Great posture!! ;)

    14 February 2012 at 8:47 pm Reply

      Those yellow boots might be my favorite thing ever. And you bet I have good posture – you know it. Carnegie Hall… here I come.

      14 February 2012 at 8:57 pm Reply
    Ellie A.

    Oh yes Rush…. That would explain my posting of This week’s PL post 2 hrs. before midnight ha..BUT I got it in. I told myself I need to do at least the journal cards daily because I find myself w/that part overwhelming and then I get picture happy. This past week I did photo shoot for both my kids & nephews so then I wanted to squeeze that in & I did A Day in the Life & 12 on 12 yes SQUEEZING lol.. Wishing all goes well for your Sam’s surgery goes well. Big Hugs to you both. Here is my little week : http://scrapbookmamaof4kidz.blogspot.com/2012/02/project-life-week-6.html

    14 February 2012 at 8:48 pm Reply

      I was bummed I missed out on the group Day in the Life, but I’m thinking about doing it once a month as I just love the writing/journaling sheets Ali used this week. Love all that story. I am going back to add some more story from this week in my journal. Feel like I was a little picture happy, but it’s all good. Look forward to seeing your pages Ellie – Jenny

      14 February 2012 at 9:00 pm Reply

    Oh those boots.
    Ohhhhh that note.
    Totally fabulous.

    Congrats on speaking your dream out loud and sending your video to Ellen. I’m sending her ‘call Jenny’ thoughts right along with you…

    15 February 2012 at 1:23 am Reply

      Those boots and note just make me melt every time I look at both of them. And thanks for the good vibes. Keep sending them Jules. -jenny

      15 February 2012 at 5:48 am Reply

    Love the layouts and all your pictures really make me smile. I had that rush feeling too but now set a timer for 10 minutes every day before going to bed…in that 10 minutes I can do my journaling card while the day is still fresh in my mind- and joy down on a posty note where I want the pic-then slide everything in. Saturday nights before my graveyard shift…I drop by walgreens to print my pictures..pick them up sunday morning on my way home and sunday I set my timer for 30 minutes…slide in my pictures..add any extras and poof! a completed layout! I had to get organized on this due to my insane schudule and NO time. I really love my “time out fro the day” spent with my book and am loving doing Pl….best of luck! your pages look great.

    15 February 2012 at 2:32 am Reply

      What a great idea and plan Dawn. I will definitely try something like that this week. Really excited to change up the routine and just enjoy it more than the past 2 weeks. Thanks – Jenny

      15 February 2012 at 5:50 am Reply

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