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  • Telling Your Story in 5 Photos

    I love stories. I love pictures. And I love simple. So this photo challenge to take 5 themed pictures was a lot of fun for me. I want to stress that these pictures can be from any sort of camera including from your phone. There is no prize for best photo and I’m not critiquing your composition or white balance. All of my pictures are straight out of the camera.

    This challenge is to encourage us to tell our stories. Plain and simple.

    So here are my pictures:

    Morning routine
    Samantha walks in to preschool and puts on an article of dress up clothing and then washes her hands. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday morning.

    Happy Place
    The swimming pool is hands down my happy place. There isn’t a place that leaves me more energized or grounded than the pool.

    Contents of something you carry with you
    I have a picnic basket in the trunk of my car that travels with us to doctor’s appointments, swim practices, etc. It includes games, stationary, books, a picnic blanket, and food that won’t melt in the Phoenix sun. I change things out every couple of weeks. And I’m cheating and adding a 6th picture to give you a better look as to what is inside. Forgive me.

    Someone who makes you smile 
    Rebecca and her amazing classmates. This picture is from her 8th grade graduation.

    Something you drive by everyday that you have never taken a picture of before
    Dizzy’s bar is less than a mile from our house and I’ve never been there before. We talk about this dive bar and our friends play pool there all the time. Jeff and I are going on a hot date this weekend considering it’s a “landmark” in our community and I use it to give directions to our home.


    So below is my first linkup. Please link up to your post with your pictures instead of just to your blog. I’m looking forward to looking at them. And please encourage one another by commenting on each other’s posts. We can learn so much from one another.

    Next Friday’s linkup will be about gratitude. Stay tuned for a post on Monday for more details. The linkup will again be fun, simple, and fuss free. It will be a great way to learn from one another.

    The next photography link up will be Friday, June 15th. And the next 5 pictures will be:
    1. Something you can’t live without.
    2. A favorite snack.
    3. Your ride.
    4. Weekend routine.
    5. A place you get your food.

    This linkup will be live until next Thursday. So if you forgot, no big deal. Just take a photo walk this weekend and post your pictures. If you don’t have a blog, please send me some of your pictures to jenny@jennymeyerson.com and I can post some examples on my Facebook page.

    Blessings sweet friends – Jenny

    If you are new to my site, welcome! I would love for you to follow along on this crazy adventure of mine by subscribing to my blog at the top of this post and joining me on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.




    Hi Jenny! Thanks for hosting this – looking forward to future link-ups as well! Happy Friday!

    18 May 2012 at 5:13 am Reply

    Hey now, Sisters, you two cheated & added a 6th picture! I had one all picked out but stuck to the rules! ;) Just kidding! Next link-up, though, I may cheat…just be warned! ;) LOL

    18 May 2012 at 8:08 am Reply

      You will be always known as the answer to the trivia question, “Who was the first person to link up on JM’s blog?” So as a result of that honorable position :) you are hereby allowed to cheat whenever you want!
      Loved seeing your life in pictures.

      19 May 2012 at 7:46 am Reply

    Just had to share a happy teenager moment. End of school for my 16 year old sophomore son. Party in one of his class. I drop off the drinks and then get ready to go. He comes over, says “thanks,” gives me a hug and a kiss right there in front of everyone. I tell him thanks. He says, “it doesn’t matter what they think.” AWESOME!!! Wish I would have figured out it doesn’t matter what they think when I was 16. Or even 36 for that matter! Have a great weekend.

    18 May 2012 at 9:31 am Reply

      Christine – I’m all about happy teenager moments right now so I’m so glad you shared this. It does feel so great to be appreciated, especially at times when the kids aren’t supposed to show public displays of affection/appreciation to their family.

      19 May 2012 at 7:48 am Reply
    Beth Cole

    Jenny, what a great idea! I found you via Marilyn Johnson. Love your blog and have subscribed so I can keep up. Thanks for doing this!

    23 May 2012 at 9:24 am Reply

      So glad you found this community Beth. I’m looking forward to jumping over to your site and seeing your pictures. Thanks for joining in and welcome!

      23 May 2012 at 9:54 am Reply

    love this, i know the collection is closed but i finally got to post and i wanted to share with you :)


    have a great day!!!!!!

    28 May 2012 at 9:32 am Reply
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