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  • 39 List – Take Piano Lessons

    So I’ve gone back to school. Music school to be precise. My teacher Carolyn has been teaching for over 60 years. She is the energizer bunny and a wonderful teacher. I get to practice on both her baby grand piano and her digital piano, which are both works of art.



    I’ve had 4 lessons and I’m almost done with my first book. I come from a very musical family and I was the ugly duckling. My parents and sister were in the choir and my Meem and my aunt were concert pianists. So when Carolyn told me she had never had such a great new adult piano player, I blushed.



    What’s strange? I knew that I would enjoy it, but I didn’t realize how much I would love it. The first 2 weeks were difficult to get in the swing of practicing, but then I purposefully made time. And now my day feels incomplete if I haven’t sat down to play.



    Jeff and I bought a used Schroeder piano from the family that used to live at the end of our cul de sac. The man was from Chicago and used to play in jazz clubs, so his piano was well loved and cared for. He recently passed away and the family was thrilled to sell the piano to us. Jeff and the sons agreed to a price of $275 for the piano and they rolled the piano down the street and right into my dining room. I explained how I was wanting to start piano lessons and told them my story. About 20 minutes later they knocked on the door. They gave Jeff a $50 bill and told him to use it to pay for my first lesson. Nice people and nice gestures give me goosebumps.

    I have taken 4 lessons (30 minutes each). And guess what? I’m in a recital on Saturday morning! That’s right – a recital. Good thing I know how to laugh at myself. Carolyn is going to play a duet with me on 2 songs – Black Cat Boogie and Black Licorice Rag. Not quite Mozart, but today I’m really proud of myself. And this isn’t just an item that I have checked off my life list. I have found a new love.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Blessings sweet friends – Jenny

    This is one of the items on my 39 list – 39 things to do off of my life list before I turn 39 on November 20, 2012.

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    This is wonderful Jenny. Music is an incredible gift. You will find it is worth any effort you put in, and the best part is that you will always have it, no matter how old and feeble you grow, or what your situation. Keep at it, sister. It only gets better.

    9 March 2012 at 5:54 am Reply

      The more effort I put in, the more I enjoy it. I know this is so true Julia. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.-J

      9 March 2012 at 7:54 am Reply

    PLEASE have Jeff take a video and post it here! I would love to hear you play!

    I played the flute for four years way back when, and now Isabel is playing in the band. Brings back so many great memories.

    I’m so excited for you…one more item to mark “accomplished”!

    9 March 2012 at 6:27 am Reply

      I will Heather. We were actually planning on including a video and well … life happened. But we will update with a video in the future. Really looking forward to the recital.-J

      9 March 2012 at 7:55 am Reply

    Awesome job, Jenny! Wish I could be there to hear you play.

    9 March 2012 at 6:39 am Reply

      Me too, Marna. I know you would be such a great cheerleader!-J

      9 March 2012 at 7:56 am Reply
    Jen Kinkade

    I have always dreamed of playing the piano as well! Such a soothing instrument.I was too shy of a child to even attempt such a thing. I remember starting band in 5th grade to play the flute and coming home in tears because my band teacher was so mean!!
    Maybe someday when things turn around for us, I can pursue my dream of playing the piano as well!!
    Good luck with the recital! :)

    9 March 2012 at 6:51 am Reply

      I hope you get to play the piano, too. It’s still so amazing to me how much I am enjoying it. I don’t know how to describe it but perhaps it grounds/centers me.
      I need as much as I can in my life that creates a sense of calm and being grounded.
      I’m really happy that I said yes to the recital. I’m not too terribly nervous, partly because I’m good at laughing at myself.-J

      9 March 2012 at 7:59 am Reply

    I started at approx. 58 yrs. :) All I can say from experience is have a swig of something to relax you before hand. I didn’t have the advantage of a duet, and I could have used a little relaxing :) Gogetem!

    9 March 2012 at 7:22 am Reply

      I’m so glad you started playing. It is such a great feeling.
      I’m so thankful that Carolyn is playing a duet with me, I think that has made me less nervous for certain.
      Looking forward to tomorrow and thanks for your advice.-J

      9 March 2012 at 8:01 am Reply

    Great to hear of your new love! I never learned how to read music or play as a child. 4 years ago when my dtr was in 1st grade she requested piano lessons. We rented a used digital paino. I taught myself out of her book. The second year, I heard of an 80 yo lady who teaches out of her home. I started lessons with her. This is my third year. I love being able to read the notes and play a song. My teacher is wonderful. She has so much energy and could run circles around me!! She reminds me how much harder it is to learn the piano as an adult. I do find it very challenging, but I love to practice. My dtr picks it up very easily, though doesn’t like to have to practice everyday. If she practiced half as much as I do, she would be incredible!

    That is great you are already doing a recital! I have shyed away from the recitals so far, but I am doing it this year in June. I get so nervous when I play in front of anyone, that my hands shake and forget the notes! I am hoping that I will know the songs so well by then that I won’t have to think to much about it.

    Have fun at the recital!

    You continue to inspire me. Look forward to reading your blog everyday!

    9 March 2012 at 10:10 am Reply

      Hooray Molly – I am so glad you are finally doing the recital. I went to dress rehearsal a couple of nights ago with all of the adults, and it took a lot of stress off of me. Everyone was so nervous, but got more relaxed as we were all nervous. It really did help. And everyone drank wine which helped too. :) So glad that we have this in common.-J

      9 March 2012 at 10:50 am Reply
    Julie McD

    Love this! Smiling with happy tears in my eyes! And, yes, the video is a great idea! Can’t wait to see it! You go girl! Happy Weekend!

    9 March 2012 at 10:31 am Reply

      Thanks Julie. It’s been a fun month learning how to play. Jeff and I will get a video together for everyone to get a good chuckle at. -J

      9 March 2012 at 10:51 am Reply

    This. Post. Made. Me. Cry. I am so unbelievably happy for you! Most of all, I love that you were not afraid to make this a priority, make time in your life, and do it.

    9 March 2012 at 8:02 pm Reply

      Thank you Melissa. I really do enjoy it. I actually just finished practicing for my recital in the morning- I’m truly getting more excited.
      Just wanted to let you know that even though I was quiet on the comment front last week, I really appreciate you and all of your kind words. They did not go unnoticed. I really appreciate your encouraging spirit. Have a fabulous weekend! -Jenny

      9 March 2012 at 8:58 pm Reply

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