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  • 52 Cupcakes – #18 Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes

    Welcome friends! It’s time for cupcake #18 and it’s another fabulous creation that is sure to get you into a festive mood for this holiday season. Chocolate + Peppermint= One Happy Jenny!



    Normally I try to post my latest cupcake discovery on Wednesdays but my dog ate my homework. Literally. I had made these amazing cupcakes but realized I was out of decorating bags for my icing. So I ran to ABC Cake Decorating (swoon) and when I came home, Hank, my 115 pound golden lab, had inhaled 18 of the 24 cupcakes. That normally wouldn’t be a problem, but they were for Ben’s 10th birthday party that was 90 minutes away when I got home. I made another batch and Ben had a great party, but in my haste, I forgot to take pictures. So a third batch was made. Is there such thing as cupcake drama?

    This cupcake was created by Christina over at Sweet Pea’s Kitchen. The recipe was easy to follow and most importantly, a hit at the birthday party with the kids and parents. My cupcakes sank a little bit after baking, but that never bothers me when that happens, because I frosted them. No one could ever tell.



    The other thing I did was try to chop my peppermint with a knife. Well let’s just say I looked like a culinary goofball as the peppermint was flying all around the kitchen. I’m so glad someone didn’t have a video on me. So I used my food processor which worked like a charm.



    I played around with the frosting. Some of the cupcakes were iced with white, some red, and some peppermint swirl, like Christina did. I loved trying out different liners and colors. At the beginning of this journey, I followed everything to a tee, now I’m living dangerously. :)



    And here is the Ben, my 10 year old son. Wow- double digits. Yikes.



    Please go and check out Christina’s site over at Sweet Pea’s Kitchen and tell her that I sent you. Go here for the link to the best chocolate peppermint cupcake in existence.

    Also, I have a new cupcake icon on the right side of my blog. Now you can go there and an index shows all of the cupcakes on my 52 cupcake journey.

    If you are new to this site, welcome. To read more about why I started this crazy adventure, go here. Feel free to follow along with me by subscribing above on the left column of my blog and joining me on facebook and twitter.

    And below is the story of why I am making 52 cupcakes this year.

    Story of the 52 cupcakes:  

    I am making 52 cupcakes this year in honor of my chemotherapy buddy. When we were undergoing chemotherapy, people would bring cupcakes and other treats to the chemotherapy “lounge”.  We would smile, laugh, and talk about how we were so nauseous and that all we could eat was saltine crackers and Sprite. We were glad that our family and friends were comforted by them though.

    My friend said, “If we survive this disease, we should eat a different cupcake every week for the rest of our lives.” My friend did not survive. So in honor of him, I am making a different cupcake every week for a year. Every time I make a new cupcake and lick my fingers, I think of him and his zest for life. So in honor of my friend and all cancer patients, I challenge you to eat a cupcake today and remember to always lick your fingers.






    WOW! Those are the prettiest cupcakes ever. So festive. Must go check out the recipe now. Thanks for sharing! I hope your dog is okay too, what a stinker! :)

    9 December 2011 at 7:43 am Reply

      Thanks Nicole! They were a hit at the party. And that little stinker, Hank, is just fine.

      10 December 2011 at 7:55 pm Reply

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