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The 4 Biggest Myths About Life Lists

I read a post recently about creating life lists. In the comments section, some of the commenters were giving reasons why they were resistant to writing their own. A lot of their arguments centered on the four biggest myths about life lists.

Myth #1. Life lists create more work and busyness.

After writing my life list, I started cutting out a lot of activities that were consuming my days.  Before I had a list, I took on commitments without considering some of the other things I wanted to accomplish or enjoy.  There were things that I enjoyed or that made me feel productive that just took more time than I had to give.  I didn’t realize all the adventure I was giving up until I wrote my desires down. The list gave me a way, a reason if you will, to minimize my commitments and the power to say NO without excuses or apologies.  I gave up being a Girl Scout Leader and a room mom and I stopped working full time for the first time in 17 years.   Essentially my life list has given me a road map. Now I can more easily prioritize what I want to do and accomplish before I just thoughtlessly add a new activity or project. And I have replaced some of the good things in my life like Girl Scout leading with a different good thing, like a cupcake fundraiser for a child with cancer.


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