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I love this kid. She’s fourteen today and I can’t decide if I should beam with pride or hide myself in the closet and drown in my sorrows while eating Cheetos and Oreos.

Rebecca just attended her orientation for High School last Friday and it really hit me that I have 4 years left with her. 4 years. Make them count keeps repeating over and over in my head like a broken record.

My heart and pride for Rebecca can easily be summed up in this post that I just wrote a couple of weeks ago. So tonight I asked Rebecca to help tell me the 14 things she thinks you should know about her. At first I got an eye roll, but when her siblings were going to bed and she realized that this meant time alone with her mom and dad without competition, she was game.

14 things you should know about me by Rebecca

I am shy around strangers, but goofy and loud with my friends.

Don’t ask me to tell you my friend’s secrets. I won’t tell you. I am pretty loyal and nothing hurts me more than people who betray others. Nothing.

I thought picture taking was stupid until my mom showed me Instagram. Now, I pose. A lot.

I have size 9.5 shoes and got caught borrowing my mom’s shoes for school. My favorites were her canvas and red TOMS.

I love to shop. I love Forever 21, Vans shoe store, Bath and Body Works, and Claire’s.

I love food. Period. I can’t tell you my favorites but I can tell you that I don’t like dark chocolate candies, onions in my salad, and tomatoes. If it doesn’t contain those, then I’ll have seconds please. My grandpa understands my love of food. We ate Eegees and Dairy Queen in the same hour.

I love my sisters and brother, but they have their moments. Samantha prefers Emily at times and that hurts my feelings. I get it though – Emily is pretty cool.

I am loved. I have a dad who doesn’t have to say I’m his biologically, but he chooses to. That’s really cool.

I loved the Hunger Games series and I’m totally Team Peeta. My friends are Team Gale, but it’s only because he is hot in the movie. In the book, he seems like a loser. :)

I’m excited to go to Wyldlife camp next month in California. This will be my third year and I’m looking forward to the rope course, skits, and the giant mud pit.

I like to use the Emoji app on my phone. I can’t ever end a text to my mom, dad, or my friends without at least 2 emojis. I don’t use LOL at all, but I make up for it with LOTS of HaHaHas and fun smiley faces or other emojis. My mom had no idea they were called Emoji’s.

I love my swim team and my coach Lindsay.

I love to have my back scratched. Bubbie’s nails are the best.

I think I will get married at age 23. My husband will be tall, a dark blonde, athletic, and probably be a lawyer. I plan on having 3 kids.

As I am typing this, Rebecca is laying on top of the kitchen counter resting her head on a watermelon while she is dictating to me and texting her friends simultaneously. We made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting to take to her swim team.

Yes, I’m beaming with pride at her accomplishments, but if you took all that away, I still really like her as a person.

And now that I’m done typing, I’m thinking it’s going to be a Cheetos and Oreo kind of day.

Blessings sweet friends – Jenny

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Motherhood: What no one prepared me for

As I’m sitting here in Target, my thirteen year old, Rebecca is trying on her first bikini and all I can think is “Wow. No one prepared me for this.”
Tonight Rebecca graduates from middle school. I know what you are thinking, “Big deal, it’s just 8th grade.” Insert exaggerated eye roll. And I would be lying if I probably thought the same thing last year, when it wasn’t my child.

But now. Now I’m sitting here with a flood of emotions that no one prepared me for.

You see I felt somewhat prepared for breastfeeding, crib types, diapers, and CPR. I felt prepared for childcare options, Gymboree classes, and the importance of reading to Rebecca before she was born. I read What to Expect When You are Expecting 3 times and devoured every child magazine article in the grocery store aisle and library.

But no one prepared me for the sheer joy and heartache that comes with parenting or approaching milestones that mark that the end of your child being in your home is quickly approaching.

Project Life 2012 Week #19

When this is posted, I will be on my way to Disneyland with over thirty 8th graders for Rebecca’s graduation trip. I’m certain that I will already be sound asleep and getting the rest I will need before riding roller coasters all day. Don’t feel too bad for me because my inner 16 year old girl is so excited she’s about to pee her pants.

Jeff and I were able to go to Disney in January to take Sam to meet Mickey Mouse but this time it’s me + Rebecca + roller coasters. No potty training. No character autographs and hugs. Nope it will be just us teenagers hanging out talking about cute boys.

This past week has been amazing.

I’ve been focusing on being grateful, this post was linked in the Huffington post, and Jeff’s new law firm is blossoming. I’m very content despite events that could completely overwhelm me.

When I look at this layout, it just makes me feel grateful. A simple layout to reflect a full and abundant life.


A Letter of Gratitude

I woke up this morning very grateful. Grateful for Mother’s Day cards and fish kisses from a 2 year old. Grateful for you sharing my post on Friday about being More Than Mom Enough in response to the front cover of May’s TIME magazine article. And grateful for the positive response to the Sunday Stories series, where you my readers share your stories and life lessons.

Yesterday, I left the house grateful to be heading to my happy place, the swimming pool for the final events of a 3 day swim meet.

I have been spending a great deal of time everyday focusing on gratitude. As a result, I’ve been a happier person. I spend a great deal of time looking through photos, writing lists of what I’m grateful for, writing letters to my children every week, and writing letters to people who influence me and my family.

As I was sweating my tail off at the swim meet in 100 degree weather, I found myself getting a little bit irritated. (more…)

Lesson Learned Parenting Edition: Encourage your child’s unique design

Jeff and I are blessed to have 4 healthy, energetic children. We realize more than ever though how different and unique our children are from one another.

We are imperfect parents but we have been complimented for having fun, well adjusted kids. We are more than willing to offer some tips of things that we have learned along the way. I hope you can take something productive from this lesson.

Encourage your child’s unique design.

Rebecca (13) is a loyal, strong leader. And she is hilarious.

Rebecca consistently bugs us at 9:30 at night when the other kids are asleep. She tries to get us to laugh. At first, Jeff and I would dismiss her and tell her to go to bed. We were exhausted at that time. Later we were convicted that this was her really reaching out to us when she didn’t have anyone else to compete with.

Jeff and I have made a concerted effort to laugh and joke with her and now often we find her climbing in our bed, laughing, and then telling us what is going on in her 13 year old life. What a blessing this time is now for us as parents. We realize how much we would be missing out if we had stuck to our original plan to ensure all the kids were in bed at the same time.

Sometimes parenting books are merely guidelines, and you need to do what fits your family and child best.

Around Here – May Edition

Around here Emily still feels like she is 8 and loves her red converse. She has read the entire Percy Jackson Lightning Thief Series in a week.


Around here summer is in full swing. Our kids love jumping our back wall to play baseball in the school field behind our home while Hank sunbathes.


Blue Lily Photo Shoot Video

Often I am verbose. Way too wordy. But not today.

Today I am just grateful for who I get to share my life with. And I am beyond excited for this past weekend. Jeff and I have been given a renewed energy and newfound clarity that we are still processing. Excited for the peace and possibilities.

To see the photos that Wendy and Tyler of Blue Lily Photography took with this photo shoot, go here. So thankful for their talents and inspiration to pursue their dreams.

Edit: The song is You Got Me by Colbie Caillat. Isn’t it perfect?

Blessings sweet friends – Jenny

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List – Easter tradition: Making Cascarone/Confetti Eggs

At first glance, you might think these just look like your run of the mill dyed Easter eggs, but these are the key to you being the coolest mom EVER on Easter weekend! This is especially a hit with school aged kids. These eggs, known as cascarones, are filled with confetti or your choice of filling.

I was first introduced to cascarones in middle school during a Cinco De Mayo festival in which the eggs were filled with paper confetti and glitter. I also saw them used at a pre-wedding party over a decade ago in which bird seed was used to fill the eggs. I also made them for a 4th of July party and filled them with star punched paper confetti and glitter. Obviously, they are a universal treat that can be used for many occasions.

Everyone has a story

I’m not a dreamer. I can only recall maybe 5 dreams my entire life. I think part of the reason I don’t dream at night, is because God says I need to take a break from dreaming during the day. You see, I dream ALL day long. My mom often tells me my head is in the clouds. That’s ok, because I think it’s those dreams and hopes that have carried me through some very difficult times.

To understand my dream from last night, I need to tell you this story. This story is about a very strange encounter, that to this day makes me scratch my head. It was just plain strange.

A little over 3 years ago, Jeff and I were shocked when we found out we were pregnant with Samantha. I had been in remission from cancer for 4 years. Seven months into my pregnancy I started showing some signs of preterm labor. I was working full time and finishing my Master’s Degree full time. I was overloaded, so showing some preterm labor signs wasn’t too surprising. I woke up one morning and realized I had absolutely nothing for Samantha if she arrived early. My baby shower was still a couple of weeks away, so I took the day off of work, loaded the kids in the car, and headed towards the local baby mart. My goal was to get a can of formula, diapers, bottles, and one package of onsies, if the little tyke arrived early. After 3 kids, I knew those few things were all I would truly need.



I was almost done with my shopping when we arrived in the formula aisle. Rebecca and Emily were looking at all the options and asked which variety we were buying. I responded, “Rebecca, grab the Enfamil. That’s what I used with you after I nursed you.” And that’s when it happened. A complete stranger handed Rebecca a business card and introduced herself as the Vice President of the local breastfeeding league. My ears kind of perked up, because I was intrigued as to why someone would approach an 11 year old girl instead of me, the parent.

Rebecca walked over to me and handed me her business card with huge brown, dilated eyes. I looked down at the card, took the Enfamil from Rebecca’s hands, placed it in the cart and gathered the kids to head towards the checkout aisle. As we passed the lady, she tapped me on my shoulder, and exclaimed, “You know… breast is best.”

100 Family Conversation Starters & a QR generator review

One of my favorite things about my family of 6 is that we talk to one another. The lines of communication are wide open partly because Jeff and I ask our kids a lot of questions during carpooling to swim practice, family dinners, and on family outings. Our kids are destined to have 2 things thrown at them: questions and a camera. As my oldest daughter told our neighbor, “That’s the price of being a Meyerson kid.”

The main purpose of these questions is to foster healthy relationships with my kids and challenge them to think about why they have their opinions and why they make the choices that they do. These questions are not meant to add to your to do list. You can simply ask these questions (not record the answers) and still get tremendous benefits from asking them.

Here is a list of 100 questions that we have asked or will ask the kids. We have 4 children ages 2, 8, 10, and 13. Obviously, I have to adjust a couple of the questions for our 2 year old but she is always part of the conversations.

Click here for a printable pdf or just click on the image below to enlarge and read the questions more easily. I would be thrilled for you to share this on pinterest, facebook, or twitter.


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