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Project Life 2012 Week #19

When this is posted, I will be on my way to Disneyland with over thirty 8th graders for Rebecca’s graduation trip. I’m certain that I will already be sound asleep and getting the rest I will need before riding roller coasters all day. Don’t feel too bad for me because my inner 16 year old girl is so excited she’s about to pee her pants.

Jeff and I were able to go to Disney in January to take Sam to meet Mickey Mouse but this time it’s me + Rebecca + roller coasters. No potty training. No character autographs and hugs. Nope it will be just us teenagers hanging out talking about cute boys.

This past week has been amazing.

I’ve been focusing on being grateful, this post was linked in the Huffington post, and Jeff’s new law firm is blossoming. I’m very content despite events that could completely overwhelm me.

When I look at this layout, it just makes me feel grateful. A simple layout to reflect a full and abundant life.


Project Life Extravaganza – Weeks #14 – #18

I’m back with the last 5 weeks of Project Life. Project Life is rather quick and efficient and I wasn’t that far behind. It takes me more time to take the pictures and post the layouts than it does for me to make them.

I ran into one of Emily’s former preschool teachers at the grocery store that I hadn’t seen in 5 years. She said, “I sure do miss seeing those precious kids of yours in your Project Life posts.” Oops. I didn’t even know she knew that I wrote a blog.

So this is a very photo heavy post with few words. Grab a cup of jo and enjoy! And if you didn’t read yesterday’s post, I am hosting my first link up next Friday, May 18th called Telling Your Story. It consists of 5 simple photographs. You can read about it here. I am getting REALLY excited. These picture ideas will be great to use for your project life albums.

Week #14


Project Life 2012 – Week #13

The past couple of weeks have been unusually busy and my layouts have been extremely simple. Photos + pictures and minimal embellishments. But Project Life has enabled me to keep things as simple as possible without guilt. My stories have been captured and told. The weeks that I have used more embellishments and stitching were great, but I have found my creative outlet completely filled with learning how to quilt.

Design A. Highlight of our week was spending a lot of time on the baseball fields for Ben. Our back wall is shared with a local elementary school, so we simply jump the fence and we are on the field. This is our favorite time of year – perfect weather, playground, baseball, and Samantha loves the snack bar!

Project Life 2012 Week #12

Another great week of Project Life celebrating an ordinary week. I love celebrating the ordinary. Every week when I sit down to work on my project and fill out my journaling cards, I realize that the is so much extraordinary in the ordinary days. It’s the everyday moments that my children will remember the most when they leave our home. And that is worth celebrating.

Here’s the layout including my weekly card that I write to the kids. I will print off several of my blog posts from last week and put them into 6 x 12 page protectors. I’m waiting on my friendly UPS man to deliver some oversized Canon photo paper.

This was a special week as Emily swam in the Arizona State Championships for 8 & Unders. She did fabulous. Her relay teams won the Gold Medal in both the 100 Free and 100 Medley relays. She’s pretty talented, but I was most excited to see how much fun she had. And Jeff and I were both nervous wrecks. We love the environment and competition. We will probably need medication in the future. I’m not kidding. I’m that cheering parent. Poor Emily.



Project Life 2012 Week #11

Week #11. Play tape recorder here… I love this project. I love this project. I love this project.
I know I say this every week, but I really do.

Life was super busy this week and I wasn’t able to start this layout until after dinner this evening, so please pardon the artificial light.

Week #11 Page 1 (Design A)

The letter stickers are from Studio Calico that you can find here.



100 Family Conversation Starters & a QR generator review

One of my favorite things about my family of 6 is that we talk to one another. The lines of communication are wide open partly because Jeff and I ask our kids a lot of questions during carpooling to swim practice, family dinners, and on family outings. Our kids are destined to have 2 things thrown at them: questions and a camera. As my oldest daughter told our neighbor, “That’s the price of being a Meyerson kid.”

The main purpose of these questions is to foster healthy relationships with my kids and challenge them to think about why they have their opinions and why they make the choices that they do. These questions are not meant to add to your to do list. You can simply ask these questions (not record the answers) and still get tremendous benefits from asking them.

Here is a list of 100 questions that we have asked or will ask the kids. We have 4 children ages 2, 8, 10, and 13. Obviously, I have to adjust a couple of the questions for our 2 year old but she is always part of the conversations.

Click here for a printable pdf or just click on the image below to enlarge and read the questions more easily. I would be thrilled for you to share this on pinterest, facebook, or twitter.


Project Life 2012 Week #10 & Video Questions of the Week

So 2 things on my life list are to write a letter each week to my kids and to video our weekly questions that we ask the kids during meals or outings. I have been including my letters each week as an insert with each layout. I have been burning DVDs of the video questions and including them in my Project Life album as well. The problem is that we don’t take the time to take the DVDs out of the album and load them into a computer or DVD player, so I was thrilled when I found an alternative with Scan Life thanks to Tracy. You are so rad, Tracy.

With Scan Life I simply upload my videos to Youtube and create a unique printable QR code that I then attach to a journaling card. When I scan the code with my iphone Scan Life app it takes me directly to my video.



Above is a picture of the QR Codes for the first 9 questions/videos from 2012. I have had many emails asking what types of questions Jeff and I ask the kids. So here is a funny video to show you some of the questions we ask. Above all else, you will see the conversations and laughter these types of questions create.



Project Life 2012 – Week #9

Welcome to week #9. I’m starting to sound repetitive, but I do really love this project!

This week my sewing machine is being fixed and cleaned, as well as my computer (with my digital elements) is being looked at. But that’s ok, I just used what I had in my stash and another week is documented. I use the Clementine core kit and really enjoy how it mixes well with other journaling tags that I tend to collect.

I knew ahead of time that my machines were getting fixed and that I had a week full of appointments, engagements (Wicked), and a lost dog. So my only goal for this week was to get it finished and to have more journaling/story than some of the prior weeks. And keeping it simple really lends itself to more space for journaling. I really like that.

Here’s the layout exactly how it looks in my album:




2012 Project Life Week #8

“A life recorded is twice precious, first the experience itself and then the memory of it, full and sweet when we read it again later.”

{unknown author}

Thank you Heather for this quote. This is precisely why I love Project Life. This past week stunk, yet when I looked back on pictures I took, I saw nothing but the blessings from the week. It’s all a matter of perspective. As I said in my 2011 Project Life Overview post, I’m a more grateful person when I do Project Life.

So here’s Week #8! I used the backside of the page protector design F and another design A page. I typically use a type A & B every week but I really am sort of partial to design F right now.

Included my weekly card to my kids. My message was about disappointment and learning how to overcome it and not allowing anything or anyone to destroy your dreams, even if the dreams are postponed. It was directly related to this post. It was a tough week and I’m thankful it’s in the past. That is where it will stay.



Loved connecting the top 2 pictures (baby yoga in preschool) together with an acrylic arrow and a journaling tag attached on the outside of the page protector – it’s difficult to see in this photo.

Loved including the movie posters & ticket stubs from our mother/son weekend together.

The pink insert on the bottom is the box from a blood pressure medication I administer a lot at work. I thought I needed to include something to represent the 24 hours that I spent working as a nurse in the ED. Taking pictures of patients is sort of frowned upon. Actually it’s illegal.

Enjoyed the instagrams with the white photo borders.

My love affair continued with stitching, letter stickers, office supplies, and library cards.



Just love when I sit down at my sewing machine. I’m not a seamstress, but sure would love to be. Sewing on paper and through pictures is just plain fun.

Loved including Rebecca’s text message and her current obsession with funny symbols.

Oh paperclips, I love you so.



Love everything about this.



The Clementine core kit cards are just awesome. Really love all the journaling cards. The colors, designs, and versatility make me happy.



This picture measures 3″ x 5″, with a small white border trimmed around the edges.



That’s it. Love it. Really looking forward to adding some digital elements that are free or I have purchased {or will be} through Design Editor, One Happy Mama, Wild Blueberry Ink, Ormolu, The Tiny Twig, and Banana Fish Studios. I had some computer issues earlier today, so I was thankful to have a stash to use at my fingertips. I find having my supplies organized and having a printer at home extremely useful for my process.

What do you find that helps you the most with getting your Project Life pages finished each week?

Blessings sweet friends – Jenny

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Project Life is a simple scrapbooking solution to preserve your memories and document your stories. It was designed by Becky Higgins and you can find more information here.

I’m linking up today with The Mom Creative and One Happy Mama.

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Project Life 2012 – Week #7

Here’s Week #7 of Project Life and this was my favorite week! I am starting to get into the groove for 2012 and just really having fun and relaxing with it. I’m really using the “there are no rules” mantra and it made this week seem so much more fun than the “scurrying around to finish” mantra that I had used the past 2 weeks.

My sister and I went craft and vintage shopping and found a vintage bread loaf pan and a letterpress tray to help get my supplies organized. You can see that post here.



The big highlights of our week included a 3 day swim meet for Rebecca and Emily, surgery for Miss Samantha to get tubes in her ears, and Valentine’s Day. But despite those events, I still love celebrating the ordinary days the most.

Love having my Marta Writes journal sheets back in my 2012 album. I used them almost every week of 2011 and missed them. So simple, yet it really captures one day perfectly.



I used Page Protector F. Initially it was an accident and then I just went with it. Typically I use one A and one B page protector each week. I take a lot of vertical pictures which work perfectly with type B protectors.

I loved including more writing and more pictures with page protector F. I printed my pictures into 2 x 2 squares and then used a slightly larger square punch to create the white border. I really like the look of them.


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