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Visual Storytelling

Rekindling a passion – photography

This past fall I put my camera up on the shelf. I was struggling to understand my life and its circumstances. If there was ever a time I needed to dust off the camera and start snapping away, it was then. My outlook probably would have been different.

For me, when I look through the simple square frame on my camera body or on the back of my phone, I am able to see stories. I am able to see the good in myself, family and others simply by looking through that lens. I’m able to see stories happening in front of me without a camera as well, but often the camera gives me an unspoken permission and creative push to see more deeply into those visible in my viewfinder.

I’m ready to start working on my life list again, but I’m working hard at increasing my energy level – my physical energy as well as that spark from within that had nearly been extinguished. I want to move with an intentional slower pace at this stage – I want to savor the experiences, rather than frantically try to check things off a list.

This past month, I’ve been picking up my camera and my iphone and shooting. Between the endorphins of exercise and taking pictures, I feel that spark being rekindled. Oh, how I have missed that feeling.

Operation: Print Those Pictures!

I take an insane amount of pictures. Before the digital era (B.D.E.), I had triple prints printed of every roll of film at my local Costco. It was often costly, considering how many pictures included closed eyes, chopped off heads, and even unflattering butt shots of myself taken by a then toddler.

My mother and mother-in-law however, loved the B.D.E., because they constantly were getting my extra pictures. Now I take so many more pictures, but they are saved on my laptop or shared here or on social media sites. My immediate family is pretty plugged into social media, but some of my extended relatives wouldn’t know the difference between Twitter and Instagram if their lives depended on it. So uploading pictures to a family Shutterfly account is about to happen.

After 7 months, we are finally feeling settled. We sold most of our belongings and have slowly bought only things we absolutely love. We have had a couch in the front room for two weeks and are waiting on two leather sofas for the back family room. As I was taking pictures of the back room, I noticed I had many empty frames that had been displayed for over a month. Why? Well, honestly I have no idea. It certainly isn’t because of a lack of available pictures. So I declared the need for immediate action, thus the birth of Operation Print Those Pictures!

Telling Your Story in 5 Photos June Edition

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog front. I’ve been really enjoying having my kids home for the summer. I’ve been enjoying picnics, watermelon, sunscreen, visits to the water park, and taking lots of pictures. When I look through the lens of my camera, I see life with different eyes. I see what I am, and should be grateful for and I see stories being lived and told.

This past month, I’ve probably told my kids 50+ stories from when I was a child and young adult and I find them asking for more. They now have started asking Jeff about his childhood as well. It has warmed my heart more than words can express.

Here are my pictures from this past month. I’m looking forward to seeing your stories through your lens. Remember this isn’t a photo critique and any type of camera is welcome. The important thing is to always tell your story, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary you view your life and/or circumstances. I believe there is a bit of magic in each of our lives.

Something you can’t live without.

Telling Your Story in 5 Photos

I love stories. I love pictures. And I love simple. So this photo challenge to take 5 themed pictures was a lot of fun for me. I want to stress that these pictures can be from any sort of camera including from your phone. There is no prize for best photo and I’m not critiquing your composition or white balance. All of my pictures are straight out of the camera.

This challenge is to encourage us to tell our stories. Plain and simple.

So here are my pictures:

Morning routine
Samantha walks in to preschool and puts on an article of dress up clothing and then washes her hands. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday morning.


Tell Your Story – A Photography Challenge

So I have been dreaming about you. Intrigued? Well you should be.

You see, I have big dreams for the Learn with Jenny community. And I want you to be a part of it. One of the most important things that I have learned over the past year is this…

No one can tell your story better than you.

I have written before about pictures that I wish I had of my childhood. So many ordinary moments that I wish I could celebrate and reminisce with through pictures. But there are also pictures now that I haven’t taken that are part of my story. Pictures that you haven’t taken that celebrate your story.

I have participated in a weekly Project Life link up every Tuesday. My favorite part of looking at the PL pages is seeing all of the stories told through words and pictures. Yes, I love the pretty papers and embellishments, but I rarely remember them. I do remember the pictures I see, stories I read, and the celebrations of the ordinary in others’ daily lives.

So next Friday, May, May 18th, I will have a link up to your blogs where we celebrate our stories through photos.

Your assignment is to take 5 photos of:

1. Your morning routine.
2. The contents of something you carry around on a frequent basis.
3. A thing that you pass everyday that you have never taken a picture of.
4. Your happy place.
5. Someone who makes you smile.

{My happy place}


Around Here – May Edition

Around here Emily still feels like she is 8 and loves her red converse. She has read the entire Percy Jackson Lightning Thief Series in a week.


Around here summer is in full swing. Our kids love jumping our back wall to play baseball in the school field behind our home while Hank sunbathes.


Blue Lily Photo Shoot Video

Often I am verbose. Way too wordy. But not today.

Today I am just grateful for who I get to share my life with. And I am beyond excited for this past weekend. Jeff and I have been given a renewed energy and newfound clarity that we are still processing. Excited for the peace and possibilities.

To see the photos that Wendy and Tyler of Blue Lily Photography took with this photo shoot, go here. So thankful for their talents and inspiration to pursue their dreams.

Edit: The song is You Got Me by Colbie Caillat. Isn’t it perfect?

Blessings sweet friends – Jenny

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Photo Obsession


Clockwise from top left: Instax mini albums, iphone lens dial, Polaroid poster print, Fern green Mini Diana Flash Camera, Epiphanie camera bags, Fujifilm instax mini 7S Cheki (Choco), Erin Cobb’s Clean Color Workflow Video.

I love pictures. I love photography equipment. I love toy cameras. I love camera apps. But most of all, I just love how I feel when I look at pictures and see the stories that are told. I am a slightly obsessed amateur photographer. Is there a support group for people like me?

I’ve only been shooting on manual since the fall and I’m still a work in progress with focus and white balance. And I’ve never edited a picture other than a couple of buttons on iphoto. But I keep moving forward and just soak in a little bit more everyday.

39 List – Our Blue Lily Family Photo Shoot

Our first ever photo shoot… big sigh. I’m in love. I love the lighting, the colors, and these kids. I really love these kids. I’m so thankful that Wendy and Tyler of Blue Lily Photography captured our family just how I see us… full of life, smily, colorful, loud, and loving. I wrote about our experience with Blue Lily here, but let me tell you once more.

Our photo shoot was effortless. Jeff and I loved Wendy and Tyler. I left the photoshoot totally inspired. Wendy and Tyler sold their house and all of their possessions, and are traveling the world with their 2 gorgeous children while taking pictures and video. Yes, please.

So since this is our first photo shoot, I am refusing to apologize for overloading you with photos. Hopefully I don’t make your computer irritable.



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