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40 minus 364

I’ve added another candle. I probably shouldn’t light them all as a smoke detector might be set off as my family is sleeping. All joking aside, I am pretty thrilled about it.

Yes, I am a year older. Yes, I am 364 days away from turning 40. But, I am alive. This year started off with a bang. I had never lived so intentionally. Piano lessons, dancing with the family at Disneyland, and baking cupcakes like never before. As life would have it though, several curveballs were thrown my way.

Double feature with Rebecca- gotta love movie theater light
I completed over half of my items on my 39 list this year. I still need to post several items including the Greek Festival and Young Life camp (and those are coming). Normally, I am a task master and someone who likes to follow through with their goals, especially when voiced out loud. One might think that I am disappointed, but that would be far from the truth.

You see, I still lived intentionally the last half of the year as well. It just wasn’t as visible on this site. I continued marking items off my list, but I also spent a lot of time being still, resting, recovering, and listening. I also learned to accept help from others. This about killed me at times as I prefer to be self sufficient, move, and do things with my hands and feet. Yet I’ve changed through the process. I can look back at my year and see growth, bruises, and a heart that is thirsty for God and all things real.

I only have 61+ years left so that means I don’t have any time to mess around. I want to surround myself and my thoughts on things that are real.

I plan on completing my 39 list. And yes, I’ll share my 40 list tomorrow. It’s going to be an epic year friends.

I woke up this morning energized and grateful. Grateful for life. Grateful for my family. Grateful for you.

Hello 39. Let’s make it an amazing year.

Perhaps I’ll start by eating a cupcake and then dancing with a stranger.

Blessings sweet friends,

Living JoyFULLY – June Edition

Living life intentionally with a grateful heart despite my circumstances.


I was challenged by a friend to come up with my mantra in 10 words or less. This is what I came up with. Leave it to my verbose nature to use all 10 of them. In researching a little bit about the words intentional and grateful, I came across the word joyful.

Joy and happy are often used interchangeably but are very different in meaning. (more…)

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