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Seven on Saturday

I was originally going to do a Five on Friday post yesterday, but I changed my post at the last minute to listen to my heart. So today is Seven on Saturday. So these are some things that inspire me or just make me happy right now. Enjoy!


Chalkboard Speech Bubble at the Photojojo Store!


I am obsessed with photo booths, photo props, and all the neat photo boards DIY ideas that I see around the design blogs. It is on my life list to have a photo booth in my house. I have tons of ideas if it could somehow happen. Like a 365 album of the kids for one year. Pictures in a guestbook of all the people that come over for dinner. Birthday party guests. As I said, I have TONS of ideas. Well until I can afford a photo booth or one magically appears on my doorstep, I will have to settle for buying or making things for when it arrives. How cute is this speech bubble? It just makes me smile.


Inspiring me right now…

Pinterest. site of yummy visual goodness. A virtual bulletin board of my favorites. It has sucked me in the past couple of weeks and believe me, I tried to resist. With building a new house, it has been fantastic to pull up pictures on my iphone for the contractor. Go here to link to my pins. Go here to request an invite from Pinterest. Enjoy but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Blog sites. Visually appealing, authentic, and positive. Those are my requirements. I am inspired by sites on parenting, storytelling, fashion, design, cooking, travel, and well who am I kidding- anything. My favorites this week are Ali, Gabrielle, Joy, and Annie.


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