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Guest Post – A Sister’s Perspective {Part 2}

Hi there!  This is Jenny’s sister, Julie.  I’m thrilled to be back this week to share more memories with all of you.  I really enjoyed sharing all of the fun things I remembered about growing up with Jenny.  If you missed that post, you can read it here. Thank you so much for all of your kind comments.  I love that my post encouraged many of you to document memories from your childhood and to ask your siblings to do the same.


Not long ago, Jenny’s husband Jeff shared his side of the story.  He shared how they met and what he remembered from Jenny’s battle with cancer.  After he wrote that, I started thinking back and recalling memories that aren’t quite as funny, but have shaped who we are.


I remember when Jenny found out that I was a smoker.  Oh. My. Word!  I think her stern talking to me was worse than my mother’s speech.  (Don’t fret!  I quit smoking well over a decade ago!)


I remember when Jenny’s first husband decided to make a multitude of poor choices, which led to the demise of their marriage.


I remember being the one who had to do the drop off/pick up of Rebecca for her weekend visits with her biological father because their relationship was not civil at the time.


I remember at one such pick up that my former brother-in-law made a nasty comment about Jenny, which prompted me to tell him that he was lucky that he had married the “nice sister”.  That I personally would have cut off his penis and sent it to him via Fed-Ex.  (Oh yes!  I sure did!)



I remember being on the phone with Jenny when my daughter, Skylar started seizing.  I remember her saying that she would be at my house in 10 minutes & thinking that wasn’t possible as she lived 20 minutes away. I remember Jenny walking through the door with the paramedics 8 minutes later.


I remember sitting in a dark room in the ER with Jenny and my husband as we waited to hear whether or not a brain tumor was the reason she had seized so long.  I remember Jenny saying “no matter what results comes back, we are going to get through this together.”


I remember Jenny calling to say, “I found a lump in my breast.”


Guest Post: A Sister’s Perspective

Hi there!  My name is Julie and I am Jenny’s sister. Just a few days ago Jenny and Jeff were sitting on my couch when I told a story about Jenny from our childhood.  I’ll never forget the look on Jeff’s face as he looked at Jenny and said, “Did that really happen?”  As she nodded I said,  “You bet it did!  And I have plenty more stories like that to tell.”

When Jenny asked me to guest post I joked with her that she might not want me telling some of the stories that I remember.  You see I have a remarkable memory.  Jenny always says how she can’t believe the detail with which I remember things.  I actually have to laugh when she says, “I did NOT say that!” I usually say “Really? Are you actually arguing with the queen of memory?”  It makes me laugh even harder when Jeff then says to her “Honey, she has a point!”


I remember pretty much everything.   There are some things that I think Jenny may have forgotten and Jeff doesn’t even know.  Some of these things I think you should know about our childhood.   A few of these happened after we were both married and had kids. It might help explain Jenny’s love of family and overall zest for life.


I remember shopping for the family across the street that didn’t have enough money for Christmas.  I remember peeking out the windows and seeing the smiles on their faces as they opened the door and saw all the presents.  I can still remember my dad saying, “Girls, they are NEVER to know that this came from us!” (So thankful for parents that instilled in us a love of giving!)


I remember coming home from trick-or-treating with Jenny and her sitting down to “organize” all of our candy.  It was a very specific system.  I should have realized then that she had some issues!


I remember when I was in the 3rd grade and Jenny asked me if she could help me with my Christmas list… March!


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