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A Closet Christian

Today I posted a picture of a Project Life layout that included letters that I wrote to my kids. Some of the handwritten notes I included contained prayers for my children. This afternoon I received an email from a reader who saw it posted on a Facebook page and asked me, “Are you a Christian? You seem to be too real and honest to be a Christian. You talk about God, but also about grace and not judging. You aren’t like my former neighbor who judged me and my mom all the time when I was growing up.”

In my response to her, I apologized. I apologized to her for her having to ask the question. I apologized to her for the experience she had as a child. I asked if I could call her. We immediately enjoyed a long distance conversation with each other and I am already looking forward to more chats in the future.

I have spent the afternoon writing this post. This is perhaps my 7th draft. Please know that I am pouring out my heart and I am asking for compassion and grace.

Advent Boxes

Tomorrow is December 1st. Are you ready? I’ve been busy finishing up my advent boxes and arranging supplies for my first December daily album. In addition, I’m preparing for my Ben’s 10th birthday tomorrow and an early Hanukah weekend with Jeff’s side of the family. Our December is always filled to the brim.

With all that hustle it is easy to become frazzled. So I’m listening to Christmas music, drinking an iced tea, baking mocha cupcakes for my 52 cupcake series, and just working my way down my to do list. What needs to get done, will. And if it doesn’t, there is always another Christmas and Hanukah 12 months from now.



Glimpses of gratitude

I challenge you to do one thing today. Take some pictures of your family and/or of your surroundings. Or better yet, download the million pictures you have sitting on your digital camera right now. I guarantee you no matter what is going on in your life, you will feel grateful for something.

Here are just some glimpses of what I am feeling grateful for right now…


…kisses on the mouth


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