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Currently I am wishing I could freeze time. My four kids are at such fun ages and are all at really good spots in their lives. Jeff and I are soaking it in.

Currently I am laughing a lot and scratching my head as I parent a teenager, two tweens, and one toddler. On this week’s shopping list, I had a note from Rebecca that she needed tampax, eye makeup remover, and contact lens solution. Jeff then texted me that Sam was out of overnight diapers. I briefly wondered if having siblings so spread out is going to be something my children won’t remember favorably when they are older. Then a moment follows where the love is just so intense during an after school tickle fight and it relieves my unspoken fears. (more…)

Right Now

Right now my life is so much different than it was only 3 months ago. I live in a new house and now I’m the mother of a preschooler, elementary student, middle school student, and a high school freshman at the same time. Chaotic. Awesome. Blessed.

Right now we are settled into our new home. The main areas are empty. We have no kitchen table, dining room table, or a couch. But what we do have, we now love and adore. And for that, we couldn’t be happier.


Right now I’m reminded how quickly Samantha is growing up. She loves yoga at preschool with teacher Barbie and now her first team experience with soccer. (more…)

Around Here – August Edition

Around here, I am grateful for a husband who helped coach Ben this summer on his All Star baseball team. Love this shot of Jeff as he was talking to Ben about attitude, character, and the importance of just having fun. So many stories in this picture.


Around here, I am grateful for the 500+ pictures I took of Ben and all things baseball. I tend to take less pictures of Ben and myself for some reason. But I made up for it with Ben this summer.

Around here, I’m so glad I captured this picture. You would never know that these boys lost in a baseball game only 1 hour prior to this photo. Life goes on even after losses. Often children bounce back from adversity so much better than adults. I’m trying to learn from their example and smile and giggle in the midst of life’s speedbumps.

Around here – Curveballs

Curveballs. Life has thrown quite a few at our family this year but we are blessed.

Life has been full. Summer camp for Rebecca, swimming and play dates for Emily, water park time for Samantha, and lots of baseball fun for Ben.


Around Here

Around here life is full of laughter and pigtails.

Around here the kids are grieving the end of the regular baseball season. Actually they are grieving the closure of the snack bar which is only 25 yards away from our back fence.


Around Here – May Edition

Around here Emily still feels like she is 8 and loves her red converse. She has read the entire Percy Jackson Lightning Thief Series in a week.


Around here summer is in full swing. Our kids love jumping our back wall to play baseball in the school field behind our home while Hank sunbathes.


Around here (& Project Life Organizational Finds)

Around here, we are hurrying around to get to a 3 day swim meet with the girls and a basketball tournament for Ben.

Around here, we are surrounded by lots of family. My sister and family are here along with Jeff’s parents. We have a big cheering section ready for our little athletes.

Around here, Samantha is starting to talk so much more since having tubes put in her ears. Her preschool teacher said she talked more on Thursday than she has the entire year.

Around here, I’m just feeling good that I fixed a large spaghetti dinner for the whole crew. It felt great to be back in the kitchen. And even better that the kids inhaled their dinners.

Around here, Julie and I are exhausted from staying up late after finding some treasures on our craft and vintage shopping spree yesterday. After Julie organized her project life supplies, I was wanting a new system. See her organization here.


Vintage bread loaf pan


Antique letterpress tray


Wire basket from Container Store


My work station (love having everything at my fingertips)

Around here, Jeff is yelling for me to get into the car. Gotta go!

Blessings sweet friends – Jenny

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Around here

Around here I don’t know whether to belly laugh or cry.

Around here we have been frantically getting ready for a road trip to California.

Around here clothes are spread out all over the bed preparing for our first ever family photo shoot.



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